He’s new. He barley has a single memory left in his mind, but he knows this. He remembers robots trying to repair a ship with human parts, he remembers something about these roses…
These yellow Roses that he just can’t seem to leave on the ground.
He’s still trying to figure out who he is now and the first situation he’s thrust into is one that he’s already experienced, with his pink and yellow girl. I think this is beautiful simply because this would be the first regeneration that Rose wouldn’t be involved with, she didn’t experience it with him and he didn’t visit her right before he died, and yet the very first thing he does in this new body is go through this same adventure that he’d been through before with Rose Tyler.
Rose parallels have been all over last season and now, the very first episode with this new Doctor is one he’s had with Rose. And right after he’s done saving the day, do you know what he suggests they do? When Clara agrees that she won’t leave him and she accepts this new life, do you know what he ask her?
He asks her to go get chips. And cheap date that he is, he makes her pay. Sound familiar?

doctor who meme: [1/9] scenes
the end of time (part two)

Quite right too. 

They’re always brave.

doctor who companions (1/?): rose tyler


the doctor and rose favorite moments: the christmas invasion

↳ “I’m the Doctor, but beyond that, I just don’t know. I literally do not know who I am. It’s all untested.”

doctor who meme: [1/2] quotes
“That’s the curse of the timelords.”